FNB offers MasterCard™ gift cards and travel cards that can be used anywhere MasterCard™ is accepted! They make a perfect gift for special occasions or can even be used when you're traveling.

  • Load amounts from $10 - $1,000 Gift cards are in stock at the bank and activated online by FNB for immediate usage
  • $3 fee per card for load amounts of $50 or less
  • $5 fee per card for load amounts of more than $50
  • Monthly inactivity fee of $2.95 after 12 consecutive months of inactivity
  • Lost/stolen replacement card fee of $5



The Travel Card is a modern solution for consumers’ travel needs. It is a unique alternative to taking cash, credit, debit or traveler’s checks.

  • Cards are instant issued for immediate use
  • A backup card or Companion card is available at the time of purchase allowing the user a second card linked to the same account. Companion cardholder minimum age is 13 years old.
  • This card is accepted anywhere Visa/MasterCard/Discover debit cards are accepted, including point-of-sale PIN transactions, signature transactions, participating ATMs and Internationally.
  • Reloadable card. Loads can occur from cash deposits made at FNB Bank locations or via direct deposit
  • Additional load options exist at participating Western Union locations and online at the cardholder website,
  • Limited reloads – 2 times in a day, 4 times in a week, 10 times in a month
  • Customer Service is available for any inquires at the number on the back of the card
  • User friendly cardholder website can be accessed at
  • Load Value $20 - $3,000
  • Maximum Balance $10,000
  • Maximum Daily Direct Deposit $5,000
  • Maximum Daily Point of Sale $2,500
  • ATM Maximum Withdrawal, 3x day/$1,500
  • Cash Advance Maximum, 3x day/$1,500
  • Age limits for purchase – must be 16 years old to purchase
  • Text alerts available (carrier fees may apply)
  • May only be sold to FNB customers

*Sources of funds used to purchase the Travel Card must be the equivalent of cash. * Various cardholder fees apply. Please see a Customer Service Representative for details.



FNB offers ATM cards to customers who only have a savings account. ATM cards cannot be used to make purchases, but can be used at ATM's worldwide.

  • Withdraw cash from your savings account
  • Obtain balance information for your savings account
  • No charge for ATM withdrawals at FNB

*To report a lost or stolen card after normal business hours please call 1-800-264-4274.