Mobile Banking Disclosure

FNB Bank, Inc (hereinafter Bank) is proud to offer our customers Mobile banking which will allow our customers to access their accounts via a cell phone or another mobile device. The following terms and conditions must be agreed upon by the user in order to receive this service.

  1. Registration for Mobile Banking In order to use the Bank's mobile service, you must: (a) have a cell phone or any other mobile device that can receive and send text messages; (b) must have an eligible account(s) which would include but not be limited to any consumer checking and savings accounts. Other accounts may be eligible. Please ask a Customer Service Representative if your account(s) qualify; (c) register for Mobile Banking. Part of the registration process will involve you providing the Bank a correct cell phone number, accounts that you wish to access and a valid email address. If any of the information you provide to the Bank is incorrect, the service will not work. Furthermore, it is your responsibility to notify us immediately if any of your information changes including but not limited to your cell phone number and email address.
  2. FNB Bank, Inc's Mobile Service The Bank offers two types of mobile service. The first type is a text messaging service (SMS). This service should be available to anyone who has a mobile device that can send and receive text messages. This service allows the user to view balances and review limited activity on a selected account. The text messaging service will also allow users to receive alerts. The alerts offered are daily balance alerts, monthly balance alerts and threshold alerts. The text messaging service does not allow a user to transfer money between accounts.
    • The second mobile service that the Bank offers is a Browser service. In order to be eligible for the Browser service, you must have a device that has browser capabilities. Although most devices that have browser capabilities should be able to access this service, the Bank does not guarantee that the service will work on all devices. If a device is not compatible with the Browser service, the SMS service would still be an available option to you provided that your device can send and receive text messages. The Browser service has all of the features of the SMS service with some additional features. The additional features include being able to view more activity on a selected account and the ability to transfer funds between Bank accounts.
    • Transfers from savings and money market accounts are counted as one of the six limited transactions permitted for the statement cycle period. Further information regarding transfers from savings and money market accounts are detailed in the Account Disclosures that were provided to you at account opening. Please refer to those disclosures regarding the number of transfers you are permitted to have each statement cycle.
  3. Charges for FNB Bank's Mobile Service FNB Bank does not charge a fee for this service. You may incur fees from your mobile carrier. Please check with your mobile carrier regarding internet services and text messaging fees that may apply to your mobile plan.
  4. Security Although the Bank is committed to keeping your information private, you are responsible for the security of your mobile device. Full account numbers will never be sent to your mobile device, but other information such as account balances and any recent transfers could be viewed by a person with access to your phone. You are responsible for any transfers made through your mobile device. If you lose your phone, your phone is stolen, or if you notice that unauthorized transfers have taken place on your account, you must contact the bank immediately. You can call us at 270-247-1758.
  5. Transfers and Error Resolutions Transfers and Error Resolutions are provided in the Electronic Funds Transfer Agreement and Disclosures for Online Banking. Please refer to the Agreement and Disclosures for complete information and rules regarding these topics.
  6. Information Provided Although the Bank will strive to give you the most up to date information on your account(s), it is your responsibility to reconcile your account(s). The Mobile Banking service should be used as a tool and does not replace your monthly account statement(s) which are the official record of your accounts.
  7. Cancellation of Mobile Banking Services At any time, you may cancel your Mobile Banking service by texting the STOP command to 662265. Additionally, you may contact us by phone to request the service to be stopped. Furthermore, the Bank reserves the right to change or cancel Mobile Banking Services at any time without notice and for any reason, including, but not limited to, your non-use of the service. Finally, you agree that the Bank will not be liable to you or a third party for any change or cancellation of Mobile Banking.
  8. All other Provisions are outlined in the Electronic Funds Transfer Agreement & Disclosures for Online Banking. Please refer to the Agreement and Disclosures for all other provisions regarding this service.

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