Establishing Roots in Mayfield-Graves County

In the heart of the Jackson Purchase in May of 1875, FNB Bank, Inc. was founded as the First National Bank of Mayfield with a capitalization of $100,000.

The Bank was established by Major Henry S. Hale, who became the first Bank president. Succeeding Major Hale as presidents were D. B. Stanfield, Ed Gardner, C.C. Wyatt, C.V. Morgan, E.A. Ross, Frederick D. Blume, Ted Hudson, Jeff McDaniels and currently Marty Nichols. 

Main Office Renovation

Since the beginning, FNB has always remained as a dominate fixture on Mayfield’s historic court square. The original building, on the corner of Seventh and Broadway, was remodeled in 1921 and burned in 1936.  In 1937, a new building was built, and in 1964, a major addition was built. During the 1980’s, FNB made several updates to the Main Office facility. In April 1985, FNB opened a new Drive-In Complex and was followed by the opening of the first Drive-Up ATM in August of 1988.

Jackson Financial Corporation

In 1983, FNB Bank was purchased by Jackson Financial Corporation, a one-bank holding company established by former President, Mr. Frederick Blume. The corporation was named after the Jackson Purchase region of Kentucky. In 2007, a new ownership group made up of local investors purchased all stock of Jackson Financial Corporation and continues ownership today.

Former Acquisition and Expansion History

Over the years, FNB Bank acquired three Banks in the area, including City National Bank, Farmer's Bank of Mayfield, and the Bank of Farmington in 1987. As a result of these acquisitions, FNB began to grow throughout Graves County. This growth helped set the stage to expand the bank into neighboring Paducah-McCracken County.

In January 1999, FNB expanded its facilities beyond the city limits of Mayfield into the city of Wingo, located in Graves County at 52 Exchange Street. This expansion was a result of the only bank in Wingo closing after selling to another financial organization. FNB continues to be the only bank located in the city of Wingo and is housed in the same building as Wingo’s City Hall office.

FNB opened a Loan Production Office in November 1998, at its current location, 630 Jefferson Street in Paducah, Kentucky. In spring 2000, the bank received permission to convert the Paducah Office to a full service banking facility. Soon after the first Paducah banking center was established, FNB decided to expand to Lone Oak. The Lone Oak banking center, located at 3445 Lone Oak Road, opened in 2001 and provided customers with a more centralized banking location between the existing Mayfield and Paducah offices.

FNB has continued to grow and expand its services in Paducah-McCracken County. Most recently in November of 2011, FNB added a 24-Hour Drive-Up ATM on Jordan Drive in Paducah. The ATM is located on the connecting road between Kentucky Oaks Mall and Sam’s Club and provides FNB customers with added convenience for 24-Hour ATM service.

Charter Change

In 2005, FNB’s former President, Ted Hudson and Board of Directors made the decision to change the bank’s charter from a national charter to a state charter. With this change, First National Bank was required by law to change the name of the corporation by removing the word “National” from the formal name. Thus, management decided to adopt the initials of First National Bank and change the corporation’s name to FNB Bank, Inc. This was not an abrupt name change to the community, as First National Bank had been referred to as “FNB” for many years.

Mayfield Expansion

On May 30, 2008, FNB’s Board of Directors, local officials and executive management broke ground on the new main office building in downtown Mayfield next door to its existing Main Office. In addition, to better accommodate customers, FNB installed a new 24-Hour Drive-Up ATM on the southside of Mayfield, located at 310 Charles Drive in January of 2009.

One year after breaking ground, during May of 2009, the employees of the Mayfield Main office moved into the new beautiful building located at 101 East Broadway. The banking facility allowed for all operations, administrative and retail employees to be housed under one roof, which improved communication and accessibility for both customers and employees. Shortly after the Grand Opening of the new facility, the original building that was built in 1937 was demolished.

Murray-Calloway County Expansion

In September of 2008, FNB closed its Farmington Office, as a result of branching into the neighboring Murray-Calloway County community for the first time. On August 1, 2008, FNB opened a temporary storefront branch at 1304 Chestnut Street, in Murray, Kentucky. In the fall of 2012, FNB began constructing its new full-service Murray-Calloway Banking Center at 1445 Lowes Drive, which opened to the community in August of 2013.

Recent Integra Bank Acquisition

On April 28, 2010, FNB announced the purchase of the Mayfield and Cadiz, Kentucky locations of Integra Bank.  On Monday, September 27, 2010, Integra Bank’s offices in Mayfield, located at 408 East Broadway and in Cadiz, located at 2558 Main Street and 1197 Canton Road opened their doors as FNB Bank, Inc. 
Soon after the FNB and Integra Bank conversion concluded, FNB broke ground on a new Mayfield South office, located at 310 Charles Drive next to its existing 24-Hour Drive-up ATM. The new Mayfield South Office provided easier accessibility to customers living in southern Mayfield-Graves County. The 408 East Broadway location closed and moved to its new home on August 22, 2011. 

Present Day

For 140 years, FNB has taken pride in being locally owned, locally operated and committed to the communities we serve. FNB has developed a rich tradition in banking wherein it remains as the 10th oldest bank in the state of Kentucky. As of today, FNB operates eight offices located in four counties in Western Kentucky. Currently, the Board of Directors consists of Marty Nichols, Charles Shields, Kenny Hunt, Tony Goodman, Ben Cundiff, Pete Mahurin, Jim Woods, Howard Cochran, Mary Jo Lewis, Don Vitale and Director Emeritus George Covington.

FNB continues to deliver a wide range of products and services – including state-of-the art offerings like online banking and bill pay, mobile banking, and electronic statements. You will also find the service you receive from our lending officers second to none. In addition, FNB is ranked among the highest in the nation in the area of safety and soundness.

Above all, your goals are our goals, and we look forward to being your financial partner by providing you with a noticeably better customer experience. Think FNB!